Privacy Policy

Open Science Chain does not share user account information or log data with third parties for marketing or other purposes.

When you visit this website, standard server log information, such as IP address, time spent on the site, browser type, etc., is collected and assessed on an aggregate, rather than individual, basis in order to track site statistics, data that are most popular to our visitors, performance monitoring, and troubleshooting.

The website also employs Google Analytics, web analytics service offered by Google Inc. that tracks and reports website traffic. Google Analytics uses cookies that track your preferences during your visit to our websites. Studying access statistics and usage patterns may be used to aid in making the website more user-friendly and help project future needs. We may also use this information for website and systems security. Aggregate and anonymized usage information may be shared with our primary funders, the National Science Foundation.

You always have the option of disabling cookies in your browser settings. Most browsers allow cookies as a default setting. Furthermore, you can prevent Google's acquisition and processing of the information that is generated by the cookie and concerns your activity on the website (including your IP address) by downloading and installing a browser plug-in available here:

Further information on the terms of use and the privacy options of Google are available on:

For any further questions regarding this policy, please contact us.